“Because,”They” Said So!”

They Say.jpg

The Problem:

People always feel the need to chime in on everything. They even become very opinionated about subjects they do not have a single clue about. They have received a little nugget of information from another fellow human just as clueless as them, and feel the urge to pass along the pointless information. Stay with us as we will show you through examples as to what it is exactly we are talking about.

1.       You plan yourself a nice little trip to North Dakota. You are excited and it’s the day before you leave, so you decide to share this information with a fellow human. You tell them your plans and he or she starts with “They say…it is not a good time to be there, the bears have been stealing peoples’ wallets” You stare, look discouraged and continue about your day.

2.       You have waited 3 months to see a movie, it is finally out and someone at the office goes on a rant: “They say the movie didn’t live up to expectations, the angle of the camera was 0.15 mm off to the left and it just ruined the whole meaning of the movie”

3.       You go to a restaurant and order a chicken sandwich, “They say chicken is just not as healthy as it used to be, the new chickens are so lazy now and you can taste their negative energy”

This goes on for almost anything, like new diets, fashion trends, and so on. However, a few questions do arise:

1.       Who the hell are They? If They are the people pictured above, then I believe you.

2.       Why do They have an opinion on everything, and why is it always right?

3.       Why do They care if I want to eat tacos, watch Paul Blart Mall Cop 7, and have cancer causing soda?

The person who quotes, “They” has no idea what they are saying. They have read somewhere on a random blog like ours, and think they have educated themselves. Opinions are dangerous things to give uneducated people.

The Solution:

Stop believing everything you read, just because some judgmental jerk said something does not make it the law of the land.

Help put an end to this endless game of telephone, that we all lose.

Till next time, be safe and keep hating!

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4 thoughts on ““Because,”They” Said So!”

  1. Now, I eat a ton of chicken and never had a negative one. They’ve all been positive. Some have been positively better than others, but none have been negative. Anyone that says that should be smacked in the side of the head.

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  2. Growing up, it wasn’t “they say,” it was ” one says.” You can’t argue with a posh, learned, better than you ” one.” Glad we’re now at the level where “they” puts enough distance to give you time to think.


  3. I read a study recently about the impact on a person’s psyche from watching Paul Blart Mall Cop 7. Before you decide to watch it, you should really think about the longer-term implications…

    Kidding. Unsolicited opinions are the worst!

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