“Down the Uphill Road”


The Problem:

You are a normal person, who gets excited about normal things. When you get excited, you decide to tell a few people, in hopes they share your excitement as well, and then you have a big smile and go about your merry day. However, this is not always they case, in the following scenarios I will be showing certain people who always find the worst in every situation and “rain on your parade”

  1. You: I bought this amazing new cookie, it’s so good

Them: Is it gluten Free?

You: No

Them: Well you shouldn’t eat it. I read about a woman who ate the same cookie, and          her stomach was too hipster and rejected the cookie, and she died.

2.   You: I just one a million dollars

Them: I heard about a guy who won 2 million and a harpoon came flying through                his window and he died.

3.   You: We are going on vacation to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We are just so                         excited.

Them: I went to Hawaii once, It was the worst. I mean who names a state that ends           in three vowels. It was hot and sticky, and our waiter at the bar was so rude. I don’t           recommend it. You should go somewhere else.

You: But we heard so many great things, and can’t get our money back

Them: Hmpf…well sucks to be you

4.  You: I just bought these awesome new shoes

Them: Those are such a waste of money, I went to the store across the street and               got shoes 10x better for way cheaper.

These are just a few examples of how these jerks ruin a simple and good thing.

The Solution:

Your a not my banker, my life guru, or my life coach, so stop acting like you are. our opinions are your opinions, so stop sharing them, because no one really cares. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all. Come to think of it, just don’t say anything, ever!

Till next time, be safe and keep hating.