“OMG its Raining!”


The Problem:

It is Summer time and we are enjoying the weather. Out of no where it rains a little bit and the social media world goes crazy. Within a minute, 902435703927 people let you know it is raining. Now I understand that rain is clear, but it is pretty easy to figure out it is raining. We all appreciate the help Inspector Gadget, but it is not the end of the world, I promise! it is just a little bit of rain, your detective work is needed elsewhere (preferably figuring out who in the world actually still watches the the bachelor!)

This is just one example of a normal event that gets more social media coverage than a baby panda escaping a zoo or a guy eating 4500 hot dogs in 3 hours on a unicycle.

Certain scenarios which bring about such high volume of statuses include, but are not limited to: A small earthquake, a fire, sporting events, and so on!

Now not only is it obvious that these things have happened, there is another side to it all together. You get those who try to be funny and post things like “Oh boy here we go, here are the rain posts” or “yea we know Micronesia won the world cup” These statuses are actually a bit more annoying than just an ordinary “it is raining” comment! Also on top of it you are not funny, your sarcasm is not creative, you suck!

The Solution:

We are all aware of our surroundings, most of us have televisions and radios and can keep up with worldly events, and a lot of us can see, fell, or even hear the joys of mother nature. If you are really that excited and must say something, at least make it creative, put it in a form of a riddle or make it funny. Make us work for it! Better yet you think of it long and hard, and don’t tell us!

Till next time, be safe and keep hating!


“Need a Hug?”


The Problem:

You are enjoying getting paid for working, but we all know you are just on social media. You come across a post/status that goes like the following “Ugh….” or “WTF” or just to be extra cute ” :/ ” just a freaking slanted happy face. The following post/status brings about the fastest response times I have ever seen, these people should be working for the emergency services. Within .3 seconds there are 45,678 likes and a barrage of comments and replies ranging from “OMG babe what’s wrong” to “hang in there” to even an inspirational quote!

Now I do not know what bothers me more, the people reaching for the attention or the people giving the attention. So I broke it down and tried to figure which I hate more:

1. People who post the status: Do you really need the attention from people that most likely a. Haven’t said a word to you in months or b. People who don’t have a clue who you are and just happened to search #ineedattention #pleasegivemeattention #wahhhhhh. If you really knew them and they were your friends, you would have their phone numbers and can you call them with these issues. You do not need to publicly display and cry for attention when your pop tart didn’t toast properly or your boyfriend liked another girl’s post.

2. People who comment and like these posts: Why are you feeding into it? You don’t actually care, this is just another ploy for people to be like “Oh look, Jackie asked what wrong, she must be a great person and a good friend, lets go be friends with her.” Guess what, Jackie isn’t! She is a mean person and doesn’t shave her armpits. and is the same person who 1 second later posted a picture of herself eating frozen yogurt with the caption (#blessed #bestdayever). If Jackie really gave a crap she would have called you and seen whats wrong and not be having the best day ever!

After describing both sides out, I must say it is a tie, I hate both equally.

The Solution:

Don’t go to social media for attention, if you have a real issue go talk to people who will care and actually help you. Seek solace elsewhere. Now and again everyone gets down and wants attention and some love, but if someone actually cares about you they would not need a status or post to tell them you need a hug. So next time go looking for hugs instead of likes, you will feel much better (just don’t hug random people, that might get a bit weird!)

Till next time, be safe and keep hating!